British Officers Duel With Flare Guns – Set Entire Mess On Fire

first published on July 26, 2016 by

Two British Officers set an entire officer’s mess on fire when they try to settle their difference with a flare gun duel.

There is a reason that dueling is punishable under the UCMJ across the entire United States Armed Forces. It used to be the way to settle disagreements in a gentlemanly manner, but now it’s just seen as brutish and silly. Also, it hurts unit readiness, so we got rid of that trash.

mess entire 3

Two British officers however, decided dueling was still the way to go. When they were having a disagreement about something, they both managed to make an agreement that dueling was their answer. So they jocked up in a couple of kayaks, and set off for the pool with their flare guns in hand.

It is unclear at this time who won the duel, but one thing is for certain. They set the entire officers mess on fire with their antics, and neither of them are probably going to be officers anymore. I find that kind of unfortunate, because any officer who wants to settle a disagreement with a duel, is an officer that I would like to follow into combat.

entire mess

Reports from the scene of the incident show that the fire was put out around 1:50 A.M. by fire crews near Allenby Barracks in Bovington on July 22nd. A British Army spokesperson commenting on the situation said,

“We can confirm a fire occurred on Friday evening at Bovington Camp, Dorset Fire & Rescue attended the fire. There was some damage but no one was injured, while an investigation is taking place it would be inappropriate to comment further.”

Which leads me to believe these officers have ended their careers a little early.

Here’s a picture of the inside of the mess after the fires were extinguished.
mess 3


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