Separatists Fail Breakout Maneuver and Get Flanked to Death

first published on April 2, 2017 by

Pro-Russian separatists find themselves severely overwhelmed and attempt a breakout maneuver to survive. Ultimately the tactic fails them, and they get flanked to death. This video is an example of what happens when you don’t conduct flank security, and make movements too hastily with not enough information on the modern battlefield. While some of the separatists do manage to escape the raging gun fight with their lives, several of them are cut down by a single machine gun burst.

flanked death

While we are unable to independently verify everything that has been said about this video, there are certain things that we can know for sure. We can be absolutely positive that this video was recorded by the Pro-Russian separatist side of the on-going conflict in Ukraine based on the equipment they are using, and we can be absolutely certain that this video was recorded around 2014 for the same reason. This video is rather infamous in the fact that it shows a group of Pro-Russian troops trying to break contact with Ukrainian forces that have them against the ropes. The video itself was recorded on a head mounted camera and shows the separatists being absolutely overwhelmed, and even flanked to death.

The flanking maneuver from the Ukrainian side happens shortly into the video, and the man wearing the camera manages to capture the death of all three fighters as they stand in the open behind a tank, and are cut down by a machine gun. According to the rumors circulating around this video, the separatists were conducting a full-on breakout in an attempt to escape the Ukrainian forces that were closing with their position to annihilate them. This makes sense because the tank seen in the video does not stop to support the ground troops, but instead opts to keep moving in a scenario where the tank itself is first and foremost more important than the ground troops, and where movement surely equals life.

flank death 3

One thing is certain when watching this video. The separatists are definitely in a position that is causing them to fight and retreat at full speed. The speed of their movement ultimately results in them maneuvering directly into the kill-zone of Ukrainian forces, which gets a sizable portion of their forces cut down at the cyclic rate. Had they been moving a bit more methodically, they may have thought to check their flanks to ensure they weren’t walking directly into the path of a machine gunner. The fog of war however got to them in the end, and made a number of them casualties in their own retreat.

There are other video descriptions for this floating around the internet as well. Some groups say that this video was recorded during a failed attack against a Ukrainian checkpoint. This very well could be the case, but that attack would have needed to fail at such an epic proportion that the attacking separatists were turned into a full on retreat back through Ukrainian forces that managed to surround them as they maneuvered towards their objective, in which case they were fully unprepared to be conducting any type of attack whatsoever. If anyone has any information in regards to the full context of this video, please feel free to e-mail the author of this article at [email protected]


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