Marine Flame Tanks Scorch Japs On Beaches Of Iwo Jima

first published on July 7, 2018 by

Observation plane video from the battle for Iwo Jima shows US Marine Corps flame tanks scorching well-entrenched Japanese fighting positions.

flame tanks

The Marines met a nightmarish Hell on the beaches as the volcanic ash hindered any kind of movement and its consistency wouldn’t allow for the construction of defensive positions. The Marines violently assaulted relying on flamethrowers and grenades to flush out the Japanese troops from their tunnels and bunkers.

Eight Sherman M4A3R3 medium tanks equipped with flamethrowers allowed the Americans to drive right up to the Japanese bunkers and pillboxes and burn them out. The Japs were then forced to assault the tanks, and were promptly shot down by Marine infantry.

The Marines suffered 26,040 total casualties, and 27 Medal of Honors were awarded for the month long battle.


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