Five Views, One Explosion: Total Destruction

first published on December 9, 2015 by

A massive tunnel bomb explosion is recorded from a multitude of angles to showcase the total destruction of a regime stronghold.

In this video we see just how much the production value of these propaganda type films have increased. They use 3 ground based cameras to show the devastation from street level, and they also have two separate drones flying high above the target building, to show the total destruction of the target building in Al-Khaldia, Syria.

According to a twitter source, this attack was conducted by the FSA’s 16th division on a building near the Al-Khaldia gas plant. This video, and other photos of the explosion show a lot of that red smoke rising out, caused by the explosion.


This red smoke is caused by the incomplete combustion of ammonium nitrate fuel oil. This incomplete combustion causes a release of nitrogen dioxide, which is the reddish smoke you are seeing in the video, and above image.

It may have been a mistake by the bomb maker, or it could have been done on purpose. Nitrogen dioxide is extremely harmful to any individuals exposed to it, causing extreme eye irritation, and lung damage.


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