Five Scary Gun Terms Used By The Media

first published on December 17, 2015 by

There are a set of rules the media is following when portraying guns in a scary fashion. Here’s a list of some of my favorite misused scary gun terms.

1. Magazine-clip – This is the term for any device that holds ammunition.

Scary Clip

The magazine-clip is a term that main stream media, and idiots, use to categorize any device that is used to load ammunition into the chamber of a rifle.

2. The Bullet Button – This is the part of the weapon that when pushed, causes the weapon to turn into a fully automatic death machine.

Scary Bullet Button

In the real world, the bullet button is a replacement for the magazine release required by California law. It locks the magazine in place, and requires you to use a tool to replace the magazine. The purpose is to make it harder for shooters to reload.

3. Assault Rifle – This style of weapon is the bane of American existence. It is a fully automatic Ghost-Gun that fires 11 billion magazine-clips per second.

Scary Ghost-Gun

It may have been a mistake for the ArmaLite rifle to have been named after the company that designed it in the 1950’s. The AR portion of AR-15 stands for Armalite rifle, not Assault rifle, or Automatic rifle.

4. Silencer – An attachment for Assault Rifles and Hand Guns that makes them one hundred percent silent.

Scary Silencer

While the term silencer is officially recognized as any device that may muffle the sound of a firearm. It does not in fact, make the weapon completely silent.

5. Long Gun – We’re not exactly sure what this means, but we heard a police officer say it so we’re going to use it because it sounds scary.

Scary Long Gun

A long gun is a category of firearms and cannons with longer barrels than other classes. When dealing with small arms, the classification varies from state to state. However since it sounds scary, the media picked the term up and ran with it.

Scary Gun In General

I guess guns can seem pretty scary to individuals who don’t know anything about them. This probably wouldn’t be the case if certain people within mainstream media would educate themselves about the topic they are reporting on. Guns are scary though, listen to Riley, he’ll tell you all about it.