Five Minutes of ATGM Madness Recorded During The Idlib Offensive

first published on November 6, 2017 by

A five minute video compilation of ATGM strikes that were conducted during the 2015 Idlib offensive during the Syrian Civil War shows absolute mayhem.

Anti-Tank guided missiles have been a staple in the Syrian Civil War. Never in the modern history of warfare have ATGMs been used in the manner or extent as they have been in Syria. Whenever there is a problem that the FSA faces, they fire off a wire-guided missile that was created to destroy a tank.

Have infantry in a group? Shoot an ATGM. Truck barreling down the road? Shoot an ATGM. Lone guy guarding some ammo in the middle of nowhere? Shoot an ATGM.

These weapons have practically replaced the sniper rifle for the Free Syrian Army. The video below is five minutes out of the almost month long offensive that took place in Idlib, Syria back in 2015, and it shows the use of the weapon system in a number of diverse situations where they are actually utilized to their full potential.