Five Fighters Against Fifty

first published on May 24, 2017 by

Five Fighters take on a building with several dozen adversaries – Their violence of action ends in a route.

Drone footage captures a hard to believe assault, as five Free Syrian Army (FSA) take on and quickly route several dozen suspected Syrian Arab Army (SAA) soldiers. The video opens with a drone spotting for an artillery barrage. A self-propelled howitzer and one other heavy gun bombard several forward outposts reportedly in Aleppo. While impacts land in the general vicinity of the occupied buildings, it’s a pretty bad show of gunnery. Impacts are sporadic, corrections from the drone notwithstanding.

The bombardment does conceal the approach of five brass balled fighters however, and may have had the effect of sufficiently rattling the defenders prior to the assault. The drone focuses on the five-man assault element as they enter the right side of the rectangular building. There is a video highlight of the building, and an edit during this point of the video which makes the duration of the assault impossible to gauge.

Five Fighters

The video then quickly redirects to the mad dash of the suspected SAA fighters. They pour out of the left side of the building, bolting for another friendly occupied position. Several of them are dropped while fleeing, the assault element quickly consolidating its gains. A few more artillery rounds impact near the scrambling troops, adding to their misery. The video ends with a SAA BMP departing the fallback position, trying to suggest they abandoned this position too. It could just be wishful thinking or propaganda – as it appears some vehicles remain at the fallback position and is likely just evacuating casualties.

50 Guys Run Out

The original video reports the routed troops as “Iran’s foreign mercenaries”, but given the turn of events, it may also fit the conscripted SAA narrative. While fifty may be an exaggeration, it’s obviously several dozen who cut and run before a meager five assailants. If these were disciplined or even just ballsy combatants, they could withstand the inaccurate bombardment and attack. Obviously, their hearts weren’t in this one and a few of them would pay with entry wounds in the back. They almost certainly would have fared better, had they held their ground inside.

The assaulting five clearly have violence of action on their side and exploit an impressive economy of force. Surprise and aggression scares the shit out of their adversaries and they’re quick to press this advantage. Though the exact timeline is unclear, they quickly advance through the building and catch their fainthearted foes in the open. They gun several of them down and take the building. Hopefully the FSA issues large enough trousers for these boys.


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