French Fishing Boat Makes An Unbelievable Military Catch

first published on July 15, 2016 by

A French fishing vessel called Daytona managed to catch a 220ft Portuguese naval attack sub that was attempting to surface.

It is not uncommon for fishing boats and naval vessels to make contact in the ocean. Yesterday, July 14, 2016, a Portuguese attack sub made contact with a French fishing vessel. The submarine was taking part in a NATO training exercise off the English coast line, while the fishermen were taking part in their normal every day activities.

fishing boat

Without knowing what was going on below them, the fishermen cast their nets directly onto the sub. The vessel became tangled in the nets, and had to surface.

Luckily for everyone involved, when the attack submarine was suddenly forced to surface, nobody was injured. Neither of the vessels took any damage but the situation could have ended a lot worse for both parties involved.

sub fishing

In recent history, there have been reports of submarines accidentally sinking commercial vessels. Specifically commercial fishing boats that have unknowingly netted submarines that were just too big for them to haul. In most of these cases, the submarine crew did not know that they were netted, and they would pull the boats until they sunk outright, or capsized.

In many of these cases, the crews were either killed with their ship, or just narrowly escaped the event.


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