The First Time You Kill Someone – A Veteran’s Story

first published on March 27, 2017 by

A veteran discusses the very first time he ever needed to pull the trigger on an enemy fighter in Afghanistan. This is what it’s like.


Talking about the first time you ever killed someone is very personal. If we each had a dime for every time a civilian asked us the questions “have you ever killed anyone,” or “what’s it like to kill someone,” we would be able to fully fund every veteran GoFundMe campaign that has been created.

In this instance, a veteran goes on LunkersTV, a prominent sports fishing YouTube channel owned and operated by a combat veteran, to talk about this insanely intimate topic. Thanks for putting this story out there, and all of the other stories as well that you can find on the YouTube channel linked above. Make sure you guys subscribe to his channel if you’re into fishing.

Next time you don’t feel like answering a civilian’s misguided, deeply personal question, go ahead and guide them over to this.


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