Jihadist Blackwater Company Fires Thermobaric Weapon At Syrian Troops

first published on July 22, 2017 by

Members of Malhama Tactical, a private contracting organization that works with Jihadists, fire a thermobaric weapon at SAA troops.

Malhama Tactical is a private contracting company that frequently works with Jihadist groups like Jabhat Fateh al-Sham. The group, comprised of somewhere between six and ten members, often operates in combat situations to advise and assist the jihadists. They also provide a range of training courses that Jihadists can attend to become better at moderately chopping heads.

The group was founded in 2015, and saw a rise to power within these extremists factions through the effective use of social media in 2017. Currently, they are operating inside of Idlib and Aleppo assisting in the fight against the Assad Regime. It is unclear where the group got their training, but it is rumored that they are as skilled as some Western Soldiers.

In the video below, the group can be seen firing a thermobaric rocket into an SAA position, as well as using some of their equipment to assist in an advance against SAA troops.