Ukrainian Volunteers In Firefight With Russian Separatists

first published on June 16, 2017 by

A Ukrainian volunteer position is attacked by a group of Russian backed separatist troops. The firefight is brief, but extremely intense.

For the most part, footage coming out of the conflict in Ukraine has been sporadic and highly controlled. Russia themselves, as well as other nation states involved in the conlict often petition YouTube and other video hosting platforms to remove content like this under threat of legal action. Every now and then however, some video does slip through the cracks and we get our hands on it before it can be taken down.

While the media largely under-reports the situation there, or entirely ignores it in favor of attacking world politics or political leaders, the situation there is indeed still raging. The fires of that conflict have been ignored by the world, and will continue to be overlooked for the foreseeable future. Stay tuned to Funker530 for the rare occasions we are able to release this footage, and also check out the Ukraine video sub section to see more in-depth reports.

This video is a brief gun fight, but it is tense and shows that the conflict is still currently happening.