Ukrainians Give Russian Separatists A Lesson In Fire Superiority

first published on November 30, 2016 by

A video from the ongoing Ukraine War shows Ukrainian troops receiving small arms fire from a pro-Russian separatist frontline fighting position, and then reacting with overwhelming fire superiority.

Western media has clamped off information coming from the region, but the war continues regardless. Yesterday it was reported that Russia has staged an additional 55,000 troops on the Ukrainian border, claiming the buildup is part of an exercise. Additional reports are stating that the Russians are building up troops in Belarus as well. Ukrainian government officials feel the Russians are now positioning to topple them.

With the US Presidential Election behind us, big geopolitical plays like this may be on the near horizon. The thought of a President Clinton made war with Russia seem unavoidable, but in contrast, President-elect Trump hints at being a submissive Russian lap dog. Time will tell.


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