Sadr City Insurgents Learn About Fire Superiority From Special Forces

first published on June 4, 2018 by

Iraqi Insurgents in Sadr City get a lesson in fire superiority from some of the best Special Operations Soldiers in the world. Fire superiority like this is why it’s generally a bad idea to shoot at well-armed and well-trained groups of Soldiers when you’re an under-trained and under-armed insurgent who has no idea what he is doing on the battlefield. You will get shot, and you will get shot a lot more than once.

Fire Superiority

What you are about to witness is a group of Iraqi Insurgents finding themselves on the dangerous end of an American Special Operation team. The soldiers, who are from a still unknown ODA team, are conducting late-night raids into Sadr City, Iraq, searching for high value insurgent targets of opportunity. Not only is the footage itself almost crystal clear, considering the date it was recorded and camera equipment available at the time, it is also almost completely un-cut by the releasing agency. The combination of these two things makes for some of the clearest footage coming out of that area during the time-frame. You can almost guarantee that the insurgents on the other end of this firefight immediately regretted their life-decisions while this was happening.

As the Special Operation team, and their partnered Iraqi Special Operations Team, are conducting the raid, they come into contact with a large insurgent force. Immediately, they all return fire directly onto the enemy’s position. Suppressed rifles, Unsuppressed rifles, M240B medium machine guns, and mini-guns all turn directly towards the enemy forces and start opening up to establish dominance in the fight against a numerically superior force. This allows them to egress from their location, and take up a better position from which they can fight towards completing their objective of eliminating an enemy high value target. Once that target is killed, they mount up in their trucks, and conduct a rolling death blossom back through the enemy force.

fire superiority thumb

Fire superiority is defined simply by Merriam Webster as, “Fire superior in effect to that of the enemy; also : the degree of such superiority.” According to, “Fire Superiority means that one side is able to fire more rounds and/or more accurately than the other who becomes ‘suppressed.’ ‘Pinning down the enemy’ can be complicated and difficult, or simple. Machine guns are usually instrumental in suppressing the enemy and allowing the attacker to gain the advantage through sheer volume of fire which intimidates the enemy. Accurate fire is also helpful in gaining fire superiority, combined they are deadly.” Taking fire superiority in a gunfight means that essentially you have given yourself the initiative, and put your enemy on the back-foot as they are stuck behind hard cover trying not to get shot in the face by your overwhelming volume of fire.

These insurgents probably had no idea what fire superiority was before this gun-fight. When they engaged the Special Operations team, they probably thought that they would be able to pop off a few easy rounds, land a couple of hits on the team’s members, and then scoot out of the area before they were engaged. What they didn’t realize however, was that the group of individuals they were shooting at were a team of highly-trained professional soldiers that absolutely love having the opportunity to give a solid period of instruction on fire superiority to their enemy. That period of instruction came swift, and didn’t stop until the team was out of the ambush area completely.