Fire Base Um Jorais Putting The Hurt on Daesh in Syria

first published on July 13, 2018 by

The fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is still on-going. Here’s the Fire Base dominating their positions on a daily basis.

In a new release from the Department of Defense, Soldiers and Marines are shown digging positions and emplacing indirect fire support weapon systems in the Sinjar region of Iraq. Their mission is to provide indirect fire support for Iraqi troops and Americans in advise and assist roles on the front-lines against the Islamic State near their area of operations.

While these Americans are deployed just slightly behind the front-lines, there is still a near constant threat of Islamic State activity in their region. As a counter-measure, they have built up earthen berms and defensive positions to better help them defend their positions and cannons from direct assaults that the Islamic State may try to conduct against them.

The video you are about to watch is a brief video that was released in both Arabic and English by the Department of Defense. It gives a solid break-down of Operation Inherent Resolve’s latest joint-offensive operation against the Islamic State, called Operation Roundup. Stay tuned to Funker530 for more information and combat footage coming directly from the Department of Defense.

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