What Street To Street Fighting Looks Like In Mosul Right Now

first published on March 23, 2017 by

This is what street to street fighting looks like in Mosul. Lunch is delivered via rope, because it is too dangerous to cross the road.

Members of the Iraqi Federal Police have their lunch delivered to them from the across the street. In order to retrieve their lunch they have to throw a rope to the guys who are bringing them food, and then slowly drag it across the road due to intense levels of sniper fire. We can tell that the morale of the Iraqis is indeed high, because as soon as they get their lunch the laughing and jokes begin.

If you’ve ever wondered what street to street fighting looks like, this is pretty close to it. Normally we would carry our own chow, but sometimes you just need a home cooked meal to get you through the next couple of hours.

Hats off to these guys. Keep fighting the good fight. It’s awesome to see the Iraqis fighting their own battles with minimal assistance from outside forces.