Lone Taliban Fighter Picks Fight With Apache – Apache Wins

first published on June 5, 2018 by

A lone Taliban fighter attacks International Security Assistance Force troops in Afghanistan, and quickly learns that an Apache is watching his every move. When the Talib tries to make his retreat to a safe location, the Apache is cleared to fire by ground forces in the area. Within seconds of attaining clearance the pilot engages the fighter and turns him into an inside-out tube of people paste. The troops in the area are more than a little satisfied with the end result.

Apache vs Taliban

Few things in life come close to the satisfaction you get when an Apache comes on station to assist you in a gunfight. Aside from an A-10 in fact, there is nothing you would rather see overhead in a firefight than a section of friendly Apaches holding a tight loop around your position dealing death at the rapid rate of fire. If you don’t believe it, and you’ve never experienced it in person, just listen to the guy on the radio in this video while an Apache escort comes in fast and eliminates a lone Taliban fighter that ambushed them as they were loading into the back of a Chinook. From the sound of his voice and his general reaction, you would think this guy was just awarded 10-million dollars in cold hard cash.

It’s unclear what the exact situation in this video was, as not much information is readily available from any reliable sources. By watching the video however, we can make some general assumptions about the scenario as it was unfolding on the ground. It appears as if a group of ISAF soldiers was extracting from an operation when they came under direct fire from the single Taliban fighter. Towards the end of the radio transmission, it sounds as if one of the ISAF troops was injured by the direct fire attack, either as they were loading onto the helicopter, or after they were already on board and the gun-man started firing at the aircraft. This may be part of the reason that the guy on the other end of the radio sounded so excited.

Apache vs Taliban Thumb

Sometimes, when videos like this surface, you have to stop and wonder what it was like to be the guy on the receiving end of this awesome firepower. Imagine you’re this wannabe Terry Taliban dude, all alone in the middle of your desert with nothing to do. One day you see a bunch of ISAF troops loading into a Chinook in your backyard, and you decide that you’re gonna scoop up your grandpa’s AK-47 that he fought the Russians with, and go pop off a few shots at them, because it’s what your Mullah would want you to do. You have no idea what an Apache is. You have no idea what it’s capable of. You find yourself some decent cover, and then you start shooting at the American dudes.

When you’re fully satisfied with your actions, you retreat away from the position before they can return fire and feel pretty about yourself. While you’re walking through the field, making what you think is a successful retreat from the guys you were just shooting at, you hear the rotors coming in low and slow. Next thing you know, the ground in front of you starts exploding directly towards you. It’s easy to imagine that the last thoughts that went through this guys brain, before his brains ended up in the dirt next to his feet, is, Well, this did not go according to plan at all. Can’t really say we feel bad for the guy though. One less Taliban idiot for the Government forces of Afghanistan to deal with later down the road.


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