Fiery TOW Missile Strike Sends Occupants Flipping Through Air

first published on May 15, 2017 by

An absolutely brutal video from 2017 shows the result of a TOW missile strike that sends the BMP crew flipping through the air.

The ambush and supporting footage was put together by the rebel group Jaysh al Izzah while conducting anti government combat operations in northern Hama.

A reemergence of anti tank guided missile videos comes as reddit user u/Rebel44CZ recently published a massive archive of related videos.

The footage shows a Soviet era light armored infantry fighting vehicle instantly explode into a massive fireball as it is struck by the wire guided munition. Although the vintage vehicles have seen much use in the current Middle Eastern conflicts, they are, for most intents and purposes, obsolete.

Their armor will not stand up to much beyond small arms rifle munitions and the weight of additional armor upgrades will be too much for the underpowered engine. The light armored vehicle is even susceptible to RPG-7 strikes.

The massive explosion in this video is likely the combination of a number of factors to include topped-off fuel tanks, fully loaded ammunition compartments, and fortuitous placement of the missile by the TOW operator.

Under the Obama Administration, various rebel groups, to include hardline head-chopping Islamist organizations, received US-made BGM-71 TOW missile systems. The weapons were responsible for the destruction of hundreds of destroyed Syrian, Iranian, and Russian military vehicles and aircraft.

The following video may not be suitable for all viewers.


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