520,000 Americans Just Became Felons Overnight: Trump’s Gun Control

first published on March 26, 2019 by

President Trump’s executive order to ban bump stocks went into effect today, and as many as 520,000 Americans went from being law-abiding citizens to potential felons overnight.


Gun rights advocate groups have sued in federal court to challenge the unjust law, arguing that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) doesn’t have the authority to flat-out change existing laws to include bump stocks within the legal definition of machine guns.

As of now, the requests to stay the unconstitutional gun control measures until the completion of the appeals process have been denied by US Chief Justice John Roberts. So while appeals are underway, the law has taken effect.

An estimated 520,000 bump stocks are currently owned by private citizens. The new law requires Americans to destroy their personal property or turn it over to the government to avoid becoming felons.

An inconvenient truth for Trump supporters and partisan republicans is that more gun control measures have already taken effect under the Trump Administration than all eight years of Obama’s presidency.

Last year, the Omnibus spending bill passed by Trump included the “Fix NICS” measures that put millions of veterans and other Americans at risk for being stripped of their 2A rights, as their medical records will now be taken into account for firearms purchases.

Fudds, Trump zealots, and partisan republicans are performing mental gymnastics across social media, trying to rationalize and reason how this unconstitutional gun control is not only acceptable, but a good thing.

In case you still think Trump is a friend of gun owners or has any basic comprehension of your natural born rights, take the following video into consideration.


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