Fat People Are Ruining The Military, Reports Find

first published on October 13, 2018 by

America’s obesity epidemic is negatively impacting the military to the point of threatening national security according to both a recent study and a published report.


A recently concluded study, “Unhealthy and Unprepared” found that American youth are obese and physically ruined by an unhealthy lifestyle long before they are old enough to join the military.

Only 29 percent of young Americans are eligible (high school diploma, no criminal record and no chronic medical issues) to join the military, and of that chunk, less than 20 percent would meet fitness standards due to obesity.


A separate 2018 report from Rand found that 66 percent of service members from approximately 18,000 participants selected randomly from all military branches were overweight or obese.

Although America’s socially-adrift psychosis of accepting stupid shit would have you believe that you can be “healthy at any weight,” the actual statistics suggest otherwise. Obese troops are costing the military billions of dollars in fat-related health care costs annually.

Fat service members are succumbing to musculoskeletal injuries and stress fractures at a much higher rate than fit troops. Injured active duty fat bodies missed 650,000 days of work in a fiscal year, which translates to decreased readiness.

To summarize, most young adults are too fat to serve, and of those that do serve, most are overweight and perform poorly.