A 2nd “False Alarm” For North Korean Missile Launch: Dry Run For War???

first published on January 19, 2018 by

A Japanese News network “accidentally” transmitted an emergency message to residents claiming that a North Korean missile launch had targeted them and impact was imminent. Residents were told to seek shelter.

Tuesday’s false alarm in Japan came just days after a similar erroneous emergency alert was broadcast in Hawaii, which sent residents into panic.

While, the NHK News network apologized for the accident and claimed that the Japanese government wasn’t involved, it seems fishy and unlikely that such high profile mistakes happened within such a close time period for the two allied nations most likely to be doing the heavy lifting in dismantling the North Korean regime.

The most likely explanation is that these were indeed coincidental accidents as the official reports claim. However, one doesn’t need to be a tin foil hat-wearing conspiracy theorist to consider the possibility that these were intentional test operations conducted by both the American and Japanese military to get a feel for what the psychological and social reactions will be by the civilian populations, should such an event occur.

As hilarious as it sounds, the Japanese have been groomed for catastrophic events via several decades worth of terrible Godzilla type movies. In addition to that, the very real threat of tsunamis is ever present, and has also conditioned the population to react in a relatively orderly fashion when the alert is given.

In contrast, the Americans living in Hawaii went into an absolute panic during their recent false alarm. A legitimate impending catastrophe will likely result in an atrocious response form those likely to be effected. Take Black Friday sales shoppers for example, these people are trampling, fighting, and pillaging each other for useless junk. Now imagine if those people of the same society actually needed water, food, and shelter… How would they treat their neighbors who were better prepared? Remember the dirtbags in New Orleans opportunistically looting and shooting at government response teams and rescue volunteers?

In the event of a nuclear attack, those “lucky” enough to not be living in the impact or fallout area will be faced with a whole new set of challenges that no one is truly prepared for. While the Japanese have their Godzilla movies, Americans have their zombie flicks, and the good ones don’t focus on the zombies themselves, but how society will react and move forward in the event of complete infrastructure collapse. Are you prepared?

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