Hezbollah and Syrian Arab Army Still Failing to React to ATGM Threat

first published on October 19, 2017 by

Video coming an extremist faction of the Free Syrian Army shows that the Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah are still failing to react to the ATGM threat.


Over the past three years, we have constantly seen members of the Syrian Arab Army getting smashed by anti-tank guided missile systems. This began when the Central Intelligence Agency started providing vetted groups within the Free Syrian Army with TOW missile systems to conduct attacks. First among these vetted organizations where groups like the 13th Coastal Division, who as a requirement by the CIA recorded every single ATGM strike against opposition forces within the Syrian Arab Army. As a negative side-effect of these recordings, hundreds of TOW strikes against the Syrian Arab Army were posted to YouTube causing the ATGM style of weapon system to take hold within extremist faction who began using the weapon system as an alternative to the sniper rifle, and as an evolution of the Improvised Explosive Device.

The Syrian Arab Army has had plenty of time and opportunity to recognize the threat that CIA and Black Market purchased ATGMs bring to the battlefield. Leadership within the organizations however, have failed to act in any meaningful way to prevent these strikes from occurring. Generally speaking, when a professional military identifies a threat like the ATGM they put counter-measures and expanded tactics techniques and procedures into place that impact the effectiveness of those weapon systems against them. Minimizing the damage that those new threats can impose on them should be on of the top priorities for the SAA, but in fact it seems as if they have decided to only make it easier for ATGM strikes to be landed against them in devastating fashion.

In the video below, which was recorded by the extremist faction Army of Glory, a large gathering of Hezbollah and Syrian Arab Army troops find themselves in what appears to be a staging area or school circle type scenario. It is unclear what they are doing from the video, but a solid guess would be that they are staging for an operation and receiving some type of brief. Their posture, lack of pushed out guardian angel positions, and terrible situational awareness to the location of their enemy puts them in a position to where no less than an entire platoon of troops is directly in the kill-zone from an ATGM strike.

The devastation is immediately visible upon detonation. With their ATGM strike a success, the Army of Glory fighters are then able to pack up their weapon system and relocate to a new vantage point. In the meanwhile, the Syrian Arab Army will most likely continue with their poor posturing and lack of counter-measures to defeat such attacks in the future.


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