FAIL: Venezuelan Mortar Disintegrates During Botched Live Fire Exercise

first published on March 18, 2019 by

There seems to be an uptick in Venezuelan military fail videos coming out on the eve of a possible US military incursion into the crumbling socialist nation.


The following video shows a failed attempt at a mortar live fire exercise in which the weapon system violently disintegrates, putting all nearby troops in severe danger.

Based on the video, the mortar round itself didn’t explode prematurely. It appears that the system was not put into action correctly. The weight of the round being put into tube causes it being falling forward. The baseplate had not been settled, and the first round would have needed to be fired at a much higher elevation to place more downward, rather than rearward, pressure on the baseplate. The tube appears to launch completely out of the baseplate, likely meaning that the U-shaped rotatable socket wasn’t aimed downrange to retain the breach plug ball.

This less-than-optimal outcome is likely the result of multiple training and leadership failures all coming together at a single instance. The Venezuelan military shouldn’t have waited until an immanent invasion to begin learning the basic skills associated with their duties.


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