Syrian Rebels Produce Sniper Montage – Is It Fact, Or Fiction?

first published on July 10, 2017 by

Members of Ahrar Al-Sham, released a sniper montage allegedly showing their snipers taking out many Syrian soldiers. Is it fact or fiction?

Ahrar Al-Sham, an Islamic extremist rebel faction operating in Syria, recently released this short propaganda video that appears to show some of their snipers conducting attacks against Regime troops during their fight in the on-going conflict in Syria. While several of the shots taken in the video are very obviously real, there are some that are questionable. We’ve decided to not draw any conclusions ourselves on the video, and instead are posing the question to our audience. Is this video real, or is it just like the groups name, a sham.

Note: The audio has been removed from this video due to high levels of Islamic Extremist rhetoric.


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