Facebook Page Extortion Leads To GoFundMe Success

first published on February 1, 2017 by

A veteran owned and operated Facebook page was trying to extort a woman whose husband killed himself. When word got out, veterans made it happen.

A Facebook page called I Survived The War In Iraq, which just unpublished itself today, decided they would try to monetize GoFundMe requests. They set up a payment plan for people to advertise their GoFundMe links on their page.

In one such instance, a group of people decided to spread the intent of the page to make people aware of what was going on behind closed doors. A woman, whose husband was a veteran that tragically took his own life, reached out asking for help. Some of the veteran’s friends also jumped in to help her get the message out, and started messaging prominent pages within the veteran community. When they reached the page I Survived The War In Iraq, which is affiliated with I Survived The War In Afghanistan, they were given the platform for payment instead of a simple “Sorry it’s against our policy to share GoFundMe posts.” When they couldn’t afford the page’s pay for post platform, the page’s admin decided he was going to start being rude.

Facebook 1

As a result of this, other pages in the veteran and law enforcement space became aware of the situation and decided to step in and help regardless of our own policies. The first page to call out the “I Survived The War In Iraq” Facebook page was The Salty Soldier. Later a law enforcement support page called Badge Cams dropped the GoFundMe as well. The very next day, the guys over at Awesome Shit My Drill Sergeant Said stepped up.

It’s unfortunate that things like this happen. Thankfully, the veteran space is full of literal heroes, and as of the time this is being posted, the GoFundMe campaign has surpassed its goal by over 8,000 dollars. If you would like to jump in and support this family in their time of need, you can do so by clicking the following link >>>HERE.<<<


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