F-18 Dominates Iraqi Insurgents Ending An Engagement Instantly

first published on December 16, 2017 by

Troops operating in Karmah, Iraq find themselves in an engagement with AQI insurgents. After the firefight begins, an F-18 comes on station. Shortly after that F-18 comes on station, all hell breaks loose for the insurgents who made the very poor decision of engaging American troops. JDAMs rain from the sky, and a series of gun runs are conducted in order to grind the fighters into nothing, ending the engagement just a few short minutes after it started.


Videos like this from the Iraq war are a rare gem. Normally when you find them, the only way you can view them is with some early 2000’s rock band blowing your ear drums out. That’s why, whenever we have a submission, or come across one that isn’t like that, we post it for you guys. One, it helps to preserve that part of history forever in a place where a mainstream corporation like YouTube can’t arbitrarily delete it, and two, they’re just fun as hell to watch.

The comments on these videos however, are always terrible. They are full of ill-informed individuals who assume every time someone dropped a bomb in Iraq, hundreds of civilians were instantly immolated and killed in a terrible way. That couldn’t be further from the truth, but you’d be wasting your breath and energy trying to explain to those individuals how accurate and necessary strikes like this were throughout the fast paced brawl that Iraq was.

engagement 2

In the video below, we see an F-18 sweep in low and start conducting precision strikes on confirmed insurgent positions. Soldiers on patrol in the city of Karmah have found themselves in a serious ambush situation, and turned the tides of the battle pinning the insurgents in place. Following this, they call for air support, and request bombs to be dropped on the insurgents position to keep them from having to enter the insurgent location and fight with them in dangerous, close proximity.

The F-18 pilot gives the soldiers exactly what they need, and drops a JDAM on top of the insurgent position. Next, the pilot circles back around, and lines up the target location with his cannon and conducts a couple of gun runs for good measure, allowing the Soldiers to maneuver on the insurgent position a little bit more safely. This is what a lot of the war in Iraq looked like for the last several years we were consistently conducting combat operations. It’s much easier to clear an insurgent held compound using a JDAM than it is to do so with a squad of soldiers.

engagement 5