F-14 Tomcat vs. Libyan MiG-23: Dogfight Footage

first published on October 30, 2015 by

On the morning of January 4, 1989, the aircraft carrier USS Kennedy was operating off the shore of Libya near the declared Libyan territorial waters of the Gulf of Sidra, when radar indicated that two Libyan MiG-23 Flogger fighter jets were aggressively approaching their position.

Here is the unedited footage:

Two F-14 Tomcats moved to intercept and escort the Libyan fighters away from the carrier group. As the floggers approached, the F-14 pilots turned on their missile guidance radar to deter the MiGs from coming any closer. The Libyan pilots ignored the warning and kept on with their aggressive approach.

The lead Tomcat was forced to fire two air-to-air missiles, which missed their intended target. The wingman wasted no time in sending Sparrow and Sidewinder missiles at the Libyan aircraft knocking them both out of the sky and ending the threat to themselves and the rest of the carrier group.

The following video is a computer animation representation of the event for further understanding:


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