Gunships Dominate Terrorist Convoy With Extreme Prejudice

first published on April 16, 2018 by

A confirmed convoy of Taliban fighters are spotted by a section of gunships. In a matter of minutes, they are eliminated with extreme prejudice.


Taliban fighters form a convoy and try to infiltrate an area that they intend to operate in. There, operations will include ambushing government security forces, setting up road blocks to tax innocents at gun point, defending narcotics facilities that provide much of their revenue stream, and attempting to overthrow the local government by any means necessary. This is all within their standard operating procedure, and it’s nothing new for any of the Taliban fighters going into this new area of operations. Unfortunately for them, someone told a section of gunships what their plans were, and they quickly figure out that their cars are no match for the dragons flying overhead.

Once the Taliban vehicles are within range, the pilots start laying into them with everything they have. Multiple gun runs are utilized in order to disable the vehicles, and kill the passengers. When they fly over the burning hulks to perform a battle damage assessment, they realize that some of the fighters below may have survived. For good measure, they pump a few more rounds of ammunition into the vehicles just to be sure that there are no survivors. Had the Taliban fighters managed to escape into their new area of operations, they would have embedded with the local population like ticks, giving them the ability to cause all sorts of damage to government forces.

Not today. Today the Taliban loses, and thankfully the pilot had the presence of mind to stick his potato camera outside to record everything for us.


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