Extreme Case Of Stolen Valor At The Laundromat

first published on November 12, 2015 by

If you’re going to steal valor, you might as well take it to the extreme.

Props to this camera-man for not losing his mind. He clearly knows that there is something mentally wrong with this guy, and he follows our advice fully. This is the exact kind of video evidence you need to build a case against someone under the Stolen Valor Act.

Now watch out, this Gunny Sergeant Colonel is a living legend. Nine Purple Hearts, and one Navy Cross. This guy was so good at teaching people how to shoot, that the Marine Corps spent half of their fiscal budget getting him to Annapolis. No wonder some Marine pied him, he was probably jealous of this guys stature as a war-fighter.

Leave your false pipe-hitting dreams at home gents. Gunny Sergeant Colonel is on the scene, and he is here to sort things out.

Extreme Door Gunner

On a serious note though, if you’re reading this and you’re thinking about pretending to be a service member for a little bit. Just do us all a huge favor, and don’t. The burgers at Applebee’s really aren’t worth the jail time you’re going to face for breaking the law.