Explosive Video of Iraqi Troops Frantically Clearing ISIS Suicide Bombers

first published on April 11, 2017 by

Graphic and explosive video of Iraqi troops frantically clearing multiple Islamic State suicide bombers from several desert wadies was released. Graphic footage highlights the constant dangers of killing these fanatical daesh vermin.

Looking as if they had just bought out a tactical gear store, Iraqi troops take up positions off an MSR attempting to protect a convoy of a dozen or more vehicles. The high-speed equipped soldiers push away from the road and begin to clear the surrounding desert. Multiple daesh militants conceal themselves in ditches and wadies, waiting for the approaching forces.

Attacked from multiple directions, the soldiers throw grenades and desperately try to kill the suicidal attackers. Explosion after explosion rocks all around the cameraman, several tense and confused moments slowly pass-by. After several ISIS militants are eventually killed, a final suicide bomber is detonated in a macabre explosion just in front of the Iraqi troops.

Graphic Content Warning