Iraqi Soldier Removes Explosive Suicide Vest From 7 Year Old Boy

first published on February 6, 2018 by

The following video shows an Iraqi soldier remove an explosive suicide vest from a 7-year-old boy.

The footage is reportedly from the battle for Mosul. Apparently the Islamic State booby trapped the young boy and told him to go stand by pro Iraqi troops. The boy was then hidden amongst a large group of fleeing civilians.

The boy begs the Iraqi soldier not to hurt him. It’s likely that the ISIS perpetrators told him that the Iraqi soldiers would harm or kill him if he didn’t carry out the suicide mission. The soldier reassures the boy that he is there to help him.

The group of refugees in which the boy was hidden were likely the ones who informed the anti ISIS forces that the boy was rigged to blow.

explosive suicide

As the explosive ordnance disposal technician begins exposing the device, the viewer can see that the improvised explosive was wired with a cell phone as a trigger device.

Tens of thousands of children, while under the reign of ISIS, trained daily in reprogrammed school curriculums. The Islamic State teachers taught the young children how to make bombs, smuggle, and spy… all while poisoning their minds with strict Sharia Law fundamentalism.