TOW Strike On Mass Of Troops Results In Explosive Selfie

first published on March 26, 2017 by

A mass of gathered troops is absolutely dominated by an ATGM strike. The result, a lot of injured people and one hell of a selfie.

Every conflict since the dawn of cameras has brought us the most stunning moments frozen in time. From the iconic flag raising of Iwo Jima, to the photograph of the Marlboro Marine, these images captivate us and keep us locked in, never allowing us to forget what war looks like.

marlboro selfie

War is a terrible ugly thing. A lot of civilians will be able to ignore the horrors of war, because they have never experienced it. For them, these images are a small bit of insight on what war looks like. For those of us who have been there however, these images are brutal reminders of the realities we once lived.

iwo selfie

Horror, shock, awe, fear, pride. These are some of the feelings these photographs capture. Some of the moments that get frozen in time forever. Every conflict has them, and the Syrian Civil War is no exception.

As a mass of troops gathers around a vehicle and prepares an assault, they are stricken by an ATGM. The wire-guided-missile homes in directly on their position at the command of the gunner guiding it. The entire event is recorded from a camera on the ATGM side of the attack, and everyone on that side of the camera has won a great victory.

On the other end of the missile however, we have the troops that were massing and preparing for an assault. As this attack is being carried out against them, they have no idea what is about to happen. The missile is moving faster than the speed of sound, making it a silent killer. Just moments before impact, one of the troops takes out his camera phone, and snaps a selfie that will never be forgotten.

selfie 1

In the instant he hits the capture button, to take what we now call a selfie, the missile impacts sending his friends flying through the air in the background. Frozen in time, forever in death, this is one of the most powerful and iconic images to come out of the Syrian Civil War that does not involve the humanitarian crisis that is ever constant on the news media today. It wasn’t captured by a photographer or a journalist, but a soldier himself, living and fighting on the battlefield.

This is the way war will be recorded until all wars end.