Russian Explosive Breach Gone Wrong? Or Elaborate Penis Joke?

first published on July 8, 2018 by

In what first appears to be a a poorly-executed explosive breach by purported Russian soldiers using too much C-4, quickly reveals itself as a likely staged event for the sake of revealing a concealed illustration of male reproductive organs.

explosive breach

The soldiers are being filmed as they appear to be conducting a breaching drill. The cameraman barks orders, commanding the operation. Troops stand at the doors and deliver suppressing fire, while a breaching team delivers a large charge to the front of the edifice. The charge is thrown inside and then suddenly, a flash of fire and light, and the doors abruptly open. A soldier appears to be knocked to the ground from the power of the blast.

However, some oddly placed debris is also knocked from the wall, briefly exposing a spray painted cock-n-balls. The soldier who was knocked to the ground gets up and quickly looks at the camera. He may be wearing a mask, but his smirking eyes cannot be hidden. My money is on this entire production being an impressive and elaborate dick joke. Bravo.


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