Explosive Ambush On Armored Column In Syria

first published on October 24, 2015 by

A group of fighters ambush a superior armored column as it travels to reinforce positions in the Battle of Azaz.

This armored column in support of The SAA is halted and repelled by a small group of FSA fighters. This explosive-charge-initiated-ambush is a classic technique used by military forces around the world. The technique is simple: Throw the enemy off balance with an explosive charge, then try to overwhelm them with small arms and rocket fire.

Initiating an ambush with an explosive charge is one of the most effective ways to get your point across. The message you are trying to send? “Time to die, bro.” Setting off a remotely detonated charge induces shock in your enemy and has the highest potential for inducing casualties. Overwhelming them with fire superiority while they are under the trance of battlefield shock destroys their will to fight. This gives you the upper hand against a numerically and logistically superior fighting force.


We see the proof of this technique in the video above. SAA tanks encounter a far inferior enemy in the FSA. The FSA responds to this by setting up an ambush on an armored column and detonating an explosive charge on the tanks. One tank is disabled upon contact with the IED, and shock sets in for the the following tank crews as they are surrounded in a cloud of smoke. The small arms fire picks up, making it impossible for any survivors in the lead tank to evacuate. As the other crews begin to reverse out, they are met by rocket fire and forced to back off of the battlefield.

Textbook ambush by the FSA.

-Note: This video was later ripped by the YPG, and declared to be actions against ISIS. The label in the upper left hand corner may be misleading.


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