Executives Convicted Of Selling Bogus Body Armor To US Government

first published on May 3, 2019 by

Two Florida men, both executives of a government sub-contracted gear acquisition company, have been convicted for intentionally delivering sub standard body armor plates to the US government.


Dan Thomas Lounsbury, Jr., 50, and Andres Lopez-Munoz, 35, of Tactical Products Group, LLC (TPG), were convicted on charges of conspiracy, making false claims to the United States government, and wire fraud.

The two men were under contract to provide a specific type of ballistic armor plates. Rather than procuring the necessary product, the men created counterfeit labels and placed them on expired plates and untested knock-off versions, and tried presenting them as the legitimate item.

Lounsbury and Lopez-Munoz will be sentenced on May 10, and face a maximum sentence of 20 years, although they will likely receive much lighter sentences.

The following vendor booth video from SHOT Show 2018 highlights TPG describing their products, including ballistic armor plates.


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