Epic Video Sums Up Syrian Civil War In A Few Short Minutes

first published on August 24, 2016 by

With nearly a half a million people killed to date, and with no end to the war in sight, this epic video summarizes the Hell-on-Earth that is Syria. The so-called “Syrian Civil War” is without a doubt the most video-documented conflict in history, and it has given us a daily inside look at the horrors of war.

We have seen the darkest actions of men with beheadings and executions. We have seen the incredible resourcefulness of those with a will to fight, fabricating medieval type catapults and homemade mortar systems made out of steel pipes and propane tanks. We have seen these primitive weapon systems go head to head with some of the most advanced weaponry ever created. World War I style ground assaults with the aid of Mad Max-like armored vehicles are recorded by unmanned aerial assets. It’s insane.


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