Epic Machine Gun Shoot Event In Kentucky With Miniguns

first published on July 31, 2017 by

Popular Firearms channel Polenar Tactical makes their way to America to partake in an epic machine gun shoot at the Knob Creek Gun Range.

There are a lot of very American things that happen in our country every day. One of the most American things I can think of though, is gathering a ton of people from around the world in one spot to blast off a ton of fully automatic weapons. In this video, Polenar Tactical travels to America from Slovenia and participates in the annual Knob Creek machine gun shoot.

This is the VLOG they recorded of their time in the United States at the shoot, and the video is dripping with freedom. We’re glad the Polenar Tactical team could make it to the states to participate in this event. You can check out more videos from Polenar Tactical at this link, and you can find them on Facebook here.


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