British Soldiers Improvise With Grenades When EOD Couldn’t Make It On Time

first published on January 18, 2016 by

The details of this video have finally been sent to Funker530 from the guys who were on the ground that day:

“This my company Corunna Coy for The 3rd Ballation Yorkshire Regiment 7,8 and 9 Platoon. We found a massive stash of explosives on a search operation and it was very hostile, the Icom was very busy with Taliban activity, and the EOD was going to take up to 7hrs to get there so Cpl Lee Marsh and Sgt Stu Watts posted 2 grenades.

Why you ask??? Because we’re Yorkshire, we’re barmy, we’re off our f*cking heads!!! And the fact we didn’t fancy sitting around for the rag heads either. Soooo, This is what really happened. My blokes and I were 150m away and we still got covered in the crap landing on us lol.”

Both soldiers in this video escaped the blast without injury.