Entire Platoon Retreats Through Machine Gun And RPG Fire

first published on June 25, 2016 by

After a failed attack on the city of Aleppo, A large number of Syrian Soldiers can be seen retreating through rebel machine gun positions.

A platoon of Syrian Soldiers are caught in the middle of a mass retreat after their assault fails. In their haste to exit the area, they decide to disregard everything and just run. Luckily for them, the FSA machine gunners, and RPG positions choose to once again use Allah to guide their rounds.

The first time I watched this video, I had to pause and think about what was happening. The soldiers are retreating, and this camera man is sitting near a rebel machine gun position. Try as they might, they can’t manage to actually kill any of the soldiers, even though they are running in perfect enfilade.

As a machine gunner it pains me to watch this video. Any other real gunner on the planet would have wet themselves with delight at the sight of this target.