Enemy Visible: Iraqi Security Forces Engage ISIS Fighters

first published on June 25, 2018 by

Iraqi security forces target clearly visible ISIS fighters during an engagement in the battle swept Iraq countryside. Missing several opportunities to kill the extremists, they slowly lumber off in an improvised armored vehicle.

Audible excited Iraqi troops take cover in some dilapidated buildings – orientated towards a large road embankment and receiving sporadic fire. The unmanned turret and top half an ISIS improvised armored vehicle is visible just on the far side of the steep berm. Several ISIS militants can be seen at times, moving through the brush and occasionally popping up to engage the government troops. Outgoing fire from the Iraqi’s is largely inaccurate and both sides trade gunfire for several minutes.

Eventually, the ISIS fighters decide to bail and load up in their armored truck. It slowly pulls away while the Iraqis harmlessly plink it with small arms. Enemy fire increases during the evacuation and the Iraqi soldiers don’t appear to have any heavy weapons with them. Unfortunately, the daesh vehicle and occupants manage to escape in full view of the government troops.


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