Enemy Entrenched: Marines Make The Right Decision

first published on December 10, 2015 by

A fire-team of Marines make the smart decision to not engage an entrenched enemy position inside of a house.

Sometimes the best decision you can make is to not engage the enemy. It’s never the easy decision to make, but sometimes it is the smartest course of action. This fire-team of Marines make that exact call, after realizing that they have no chance of defeating the entrenched enemy directly below them.

Warning: This video contains graphic language which may not be suitable for all viewers.

Understanding the dynamics, and possible outcomes of a scenario is the true sign of a warrior. Sometimes the decisions you have to make, don’t always align with your spirit. These Marines are clearly having this internal debate, as they hear their enemy screaming war-chants up at them.

They were chomping at the bit, trying to figure out how to get down the stairs, and eliminate their enemy. Fortunately they were able to take a tactical pause, and realize that their best course of action was actually to remove themselves from the situation.

After clearing their way backwards out of the building, fire-support absolutely decimates the position, killing the enemy, with no friendly casualties. Good decision making saved their lives, and simultaneously defeated the enemy.


Sometimes violence of action, isn’t the best action at the moment.