Embedded Reporter Almost Overrun by Islamic State’s Last Fighters

first published on March 6, 2019 by

An embedded reporter from VICE News finds himself surrounded with a group of YPG fighters attempting to end the rein of the Islamic State.


While the Islamic State is truly in shambles on paper, the YPG and other tribal groups are still battling the last remnants of the dying terror organization in Deir Ezzor, Syria. Embedded on the front lines, a reporter from VICE news finds himself in a dire situation as the YPG group that he is with quickly gets surrounded by a squad sized element of the dying Islamic State.

The ISIS militants make a blitzkrieg play to surround the building, bombarding it with RPGs and machine gun fire as their fighters move into position. In the chaos, the reporter manages to get some amazing shots of the battle before the YPG fighters call in for airstrikes that buy them the needed time to retreat to a neighboring friendly unit. While they retreat through the insanity of the ensuing gun battle, two foreign fighters are left behind at the location and isolated unbeknownst to the retreating group.

The report never mentions the fate of the two stranded foreign fighters, or if the YPG was able to return to their rescue.