Embedded Journalist’s Combat Footage from the Siege of Marawi

first published on July 15, 2019 by

An embedded journalist tags along with the Philippine military during the siege of Marawi and captures some great combat footage.

ISIS Militants staged an unprecedented attack and seized the city of Marawi between May and October of 2017. They quickly declared an Asian Caliphate loyal to the Islamic State, and were bolstered by numerous foreign fighters from Indonesia and Malaysia. The resulting battle for Marawi continued for over five months, leaving the city devastated and displacing roughly 350 thousand people due to the fighting. The Philippine military slowly and methodically cleared the urban center of extremist fighter’s; neighborhood by neighborhood, and house by house.

The footage below was purportedly filmed during the first few days of the battle, amidst the initial combat operations of the siege. The HiDef perspective underlines the difficulties of operating in urban terrain against a well-equipped and suicidal enemy.