Helmet Cam: Intense Eleven Minute Firefight In Ukrainian Trenches

first published on April 14, 2017 by

In an eleven minute long firefight, a group of Ukrainian soldiers fend off an attack from Russian separatists from their trench position.

It has been a really log time since we have seen combat footage of this scale. Over the course of eleven minutes, Ukrainian soldiers do battle with Russian separatist troops that are attacking their entrenched position. Throughout the entire fight, an NCO is making it known that he is in full command of the situation.

Major props out to the NCO during this gunfight. For the duration, we can hear him repeatedly giving orders to his troops, and controlling their fires as they defend their position. This is what a firefight should look like, and it looks this way because an actual group of soldiers is conducting battle.

For the next eleven minutes, you are about to see through the eyes of a Ukrainian soldier as he fights for his life, his brothers, and his country. Keep up the good work gents.