Eight Story Iraqi Army Barracks Destroyed By Suicide Attacks

first published on December 2, 2015 by

In a Daesh Propaganda video released over the summer, an eight story Iraqi Army barracks is destroyed by back to back suicide attacks.

During a complex attack that took place around June of this year, we see Daesh fighters attacking an Iraqi Army position. They use a bulldozer, and dump truck, loaded with explosives to demolish an eight story building being used as a barracks.

Warning: You may want to mute this video, I have left the audio in tact, because at points you can hear the combat as it’s happening. However, a member of Daesh is spewing propaganda in Arabic, while jihadi music is playing in the background.

A complex attack like this, is very hard to defeat when your are under equipped and unprepared. One brave Iraqi soldier steps up to the plate, and in two instances, he attempts to destroy the car bombs with an RPG. Both of his attempts fail, presumably because both vehicles were covered with improvised armor.

Barracks Bombing Iraq

In the event that you were wondering, this video was ripped out of an ISIS propaganda tape, released on the first day of Ramadan. The video was all about psychotic religious taxation, and the usual violent Daesh gibberish.


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