Heroic Egyptian Tank Crew Stops SVBIED By Running It Over

first published on July 25, 2017 by

An Egyptian tank crew stops a speeding SVBIED dead in its tracks by running it over in order to save the civilians behind them.

Every single member of this tank crew deserves an award for heroism. As an SVBIED barrels directly towards their position, they make the conscious decision to run it over with their tank instead of allowing it to get to the people behind them. This is how warriors fight. They do it in order to protect everything that is behind them, and in this scene it was done in the most literal sense.

There is no way that the tank crew knew the exact size, or time that the SVBIED would detonate. Stopping it was their only option, and every member of that tank crew probably thought that the SVBIED would detonate the second they rolled over it, killing them. Even with that thought running through their minds, they still made the call to use their tank as the instrument to defend the people behind them.


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