Egyptian Military Runs Down Insurgents In Intense Car Chase

first published on May 17, 2018 by

What looks like a chase scene out of a classic Indiana Jones movie is actually hemet cam footage from a car chase involving the Egyptian military and Daesh militants.

The couple year-old footage shows the Egyptian troops quickly pursuing fleeing jihadists that had just attacked them. The chase goes on for miles through the desert and a well-disciplined machine gunner on the technical’s mounted weapon system gives short, sustained bursts at the panicking Islamists.

According to the video source, the soldiers were eating lunch at a checkpoint when they were attacked. The troops quickly mounted their vehicles and gave chase.

For whatever reason, the insurgents decide that it is in their best interest to stop running and surrender. The decision is extremely life threatening for both parties.

The insurgent had just tried to eliminate the troops, but are now going to throw themselves at their mercy and hope they aren’t gunned down immediately. The soldiers know they are dealing with religious psychopaths, so it is well within the realm of possibility that the enemy fighters could be wearing explosive suicide vests and even the vehicle could be rigged to blow.

The intense video ends as the Egyptian soldiers excitedly bind and detain the jihadists.