Egyptian Air Force Pounds ISIS Targets During Massive Anti-Daesh Operation in the Sinai

first published on February 24, 2018 by

The Egyptian military and police forces have engaged in a massive anti-ISIS campaign the past few weeks – targeting the extremist’s strongholds in the remote Sinai Peninsula. The aggressive operation is in response to last Novembers tragic terrorist attack at a busy Sufi mosque in the region. Over 300 people were killed and over a hundred wounded in the deadliest terror attack in modern Egyptian history.

Just over two weeks ago, the Egyptian military launched a large-scale clearing operation of the remote and sun-scorched Sinai Peninsula. Targeting Islamic State strongholds in the region, the operation is purportedly in response to last years savage attack on a Sufi mosque. An estimated 30 ISIS terrorists burst into the house of worship and killed at least 305, while wounding over a hundred. According to Reuters Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sis stated that he had,

“…ordered the armed forces in November to defeat militants within three months after an attack…”

The combined air, land, and sea operation is currently ongoing and,

“As a result of the heroic combat operations by our armed forces…seven heroes of the armed forces were martyred,” military spokesman Colonel Tamer Rifai said and added that, “71 extremists have been killed and five arrested,”.

The video below courtesy of the Egyptian Ministry of Defense, highlights several airstrikes carried out by the Egyptian Air Force during this recent operation. With F-16’s and AH-64 Apache’s in their arsenal, they can effectively target and destroy the ISIS targets ahead of ground forces.

The group that would become the Islamic State in the Sinai had managed to grab a foothold on the peninsula during 2011’s civil unrest. Swearing allegiance to ISIS in 2014, the group remains one of the chief internal security concerns for Egypt today. Hopefully, after this latest operation the Egyptians will be able rid most of their country from the vile Daesh militants, and end many vicious terrorist attacks.