This Is What Effective And Intense Small Arms Suppression Looks Like

first published on February 13, 2017 by

Effective small arms suppression is firing toward your enemy with enough accuracy to keep their heads down, not allowing them to return accurate fire.


The following video shows a Shia militia fighter of the Iraqi Popular Protection Units (PPU) being accurately engaged by Islamic State fighters in northern Iraq. Several rounds strike the sandbag fortifications near his head. A few rounds even rip through.

The militiaman knows that if he exposes his head, it will be removed by hostile fire, so he is only able to ineffectively blind fire back in the general direction of his foe. The incoming suppressive fire doesn’t strike the fighter, yet the man is still rendered useless in the ongoing gun battle.

After years of blogging combat footage, I still constantly see comments griping about, “What are they shooting at?” and “You can’t even see the enemy,” and the ridiculously popular, “One shot, one kill.” This video will hopefully put those misconceptions to rest.

Many times in combat, you do not see your enemy, as they tend to fire from covered and concealed locations. You must still return fire if you do not want to get chewed up in the kill zone. You find yourself firing at known or suspected enemy locations in the hopes of pinning them down so you can maneuver out of the kill zone and to a better spot from which to engage your enemy.

However, grabbing your AK-47, holding it your head, and firing it up at a random 45 degree angle like this mouth breather is doing in the video, probably isn’t an effective method of returning fire. He is doing nothing but wasting ammo and risking taking serious wounds to his hands and arms.


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