Easy Target: SAA Tanks Blast Jihadist Skyline Position

first published on November 26, 2017 by

A Jihadist position on the skyline becomes an easy target for an SAA Tank. Then they bring in self-propelled artillery to really kick them while they’re down.

A poorly conceived Jihadist entrenchment skyline itself on a hilltop somewhere in the desert of Syria. Multiple militants can be clearly observed moving around the position, becoming a juicy target for the SAA tank and self-propelled guns.

The tank lets off a first round that lands just short, but since the position is essentially stacked rocks, it probably wreaks havoc. He follows with a second round, clearly striking as some of the militants are futilely shooting back with small arms. Then the SAA bring in the self-propelled artillery, pounding the jihadist with larger ordinance from a higher angle. Since these guys are probably Al Qaeda or ISIS, or something in between, it’s nice to see them take large caliber punishment for presenting such an easy target.


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