Earning The Tab – A Woman’s Journey Through Ranger School

first published on March 18, 2016 by

The first of a three part series created by the US Army Reserve that shows Major Lisa Jaster’s journey to and through US Army Ranger School.

Video by Valerie Resciniti, courtesy United States Army Reserve.

Major Lisa Jaster is clearly an exceptional, and accomplished woman. She is the type of woman that you would expect to pick up a challenge like Ranger School, and try her best to graduate. Even with that in mind however, people are questioning if the standards have been lowered in order to allow these women to graduate.

When this was brought up to Major General Scott Miller, commanding general of the Maneuver Center of Excellence, he simply said this:

“Ladies and gentlemen, [Ranger Assessment Phase] week has not changed. Standards remain the same. The five-mile run is still five miles. The 12-mile march is still 12 miles. The required weight of the students’ rucksacks have stayed the same, “the mountains of Dahlonega are still here, the swamps remain intact. There was no pressure from anyone above me to change standards, and, lastly, the president of the United States was not planning, nor is he here today. I know there are some who still don’t believe. … If you don’t believe, grab your rucksack, come on down to Fort Benning, Georgia, and [we] will roll you into the next RAP week.”

This is part one, of a three part series, being released by the US Army Reserve, and we will be hosting all three parts here at Funker530. It’s no secret that we’re in the business of calling it like we see it. If this short series turns out to be anything less than one hundred percent factual and accurate, you can guarantee not only will the staff of Funker530 call it out, but you guys, our community, will do the same.


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